Top 8 Most Anticipated 2016 Debuts! | Time Travel Galore

There are so many amazing books coming out this next year! So much so that I had to make two lists because one would have just been too long. Here are the books by debut authors that I am beyond looking forward to. (I have already pre-ordered the first three on this list.) I will definitely be reading all of these at some point because they all sound amazing.

  1. INTO THE DIM BY JANET B. TAYLOR: It's pitched as an Outlander for teens. Also Diana Gabaldon has the front blurb. I don't need to know anything else.
  2. THE GIRL FROM EVERYWHERE BY HEIDI HEILIG: More families of time travelers! Hawaii in 1868, and a duology. Also "breathless adventure and enchanting romance", so count me in!
  3. ASSASSIN'S HEART BY SARAH AHIERS: This is pitched as "Godfather meets Romeo and Juliet" and it sounds absolutely amazing. There are nine rival assassin families in this fantasy world. One day, our main character wakes up to find her family murdered and her house in flames. Oh, and she's in a secret relationship with the son of the family that is probably responsible. I am so, so excited for these 400 glorious pages.
  4. A STUDY IN CHARLOTTE BY BRITTANY CAVALLARO: So the great-great-grandson (Jamie Watson) and the great-great-granddaughter (Charlotte Holmes) are friends and know each other and go on Sherlock-y type adventures together. I am all for this. 
  5. BEAUTIFUL BROKEN THINGS BY SARA BARNARD: I was going to preorder this, but I think it might only be avaliable through the UK at the moment. It is avaliable through Book Depository, so I might end up getting it that way. ANYWAY, Maddie @ Heart Full of Books and Sarah @ Sarah's Chapter recently read and loved this. Apparently, it's a contemporary about friendship with basically zero romance. This sounds great. 
  6. A FIERCE AND SUBTLE POISON BY SAMANTHA MABRY: A cursed girl name Isabel. There are legends surrounding this girl, who she is and what she looks like and what she can do. They say she's filled with poison, and when a boy named Lucas starts receiving letters from Isabel, he turns to the cursed girl to help him find his missing girlfriend.
  7. THESE VICIOUS MASKS BY TARUN SHANKER & KELLY ZEKAS: "Jane Austen meets X-Men . . . set in Victorian London." Need I say more?!
  8. THE STAR-TOUCHED QUEEN BY ROSHANI CHOKSHI: A standalone fantasy inspired by Indian mythology? Yes, please, and thank you. Also, there is something about magic and a marriage promising Death and Destruction. I couldn't ask for more. 
What debut novels are you looking forward to this year? Tell me down in the comments!


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