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June Book Haul! | STS

Stacking the shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews, and it's all about sharing the books that have come into your possession throughout the week, whether it books added to your collection, ebooks, library books, etc. Sunday post is a weekly meme  hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer where bloggers can recap their week, showcase books, and share news.

Look at Peggy! Look how cute she is! (I saw this when I was at BAM! in their giant Funko section and I knew I had to get her so she could accompany Cap on my shelf.) (Also because she's Peggy fuckin' Carter and basically my role model.)

Anywho, I picked up my Matson books to round off my collection of her books. I read Amy and Roger last summer and enjoyed it, and I am "currently reading" (and taking a break from) Second Chance because Taylor is one of my least favorite characters I've ever read and this is--so far--my least favorite MM book.

I got a lovely #BooksForTrade from Paige @ The Paige-Turner. I am really happy to have a copy of Burning Glass, and hopefully I can get to it really soon. I also won a giveaway from Epic Reads (WOO!) and got a ARC of What Happens Now by Jennifer Castle.

Long-story-short on Breaking Dawn my sister and I shared copies of the last two Twilight books. I got Eclipse, she got Breaking Dawn. So when I saw this at my library's book sale, I snagged it for a dollar. (And it's basically in perfect condition--yay!)

This is the stack from my library that I have already read / am currently reading! 

Also, I would like to state on the record that I have finally seen Howl's Moving Castle. I don't know how my parents kept me from this for my entire life, but I have now seen it (like five times) and oh my goodness it's amazing.

I am currently reading My Lady Jane and it's great so far! 

My thoughts of the Princess Diaries books boils down to: "OMG, Mia, you're horribly dramatic and slightly annoying, but you're 14/15 so it's kind of excusable." (All links go to my GR reviews for more in depth thoughts.)

Now for the stack from the library that I haven't yet gotten to. I'm going to watch the original Star Wars trilogy for the first time! I'm sure I saw bits and pieces as a child, but I was scared of Lord of the Rings as a kid so I was probably also scared of Star Wars.

I'm probably most excited about The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland as I have heard really great things. I'm also really looking forward to my first Colleen Hoover books and my second Sophie Kinsella book. Wolf by Wolf will hopefully be another exciting one because I love alternate history historical fiction, and this is set in WWII, which is one of my favorite time periods.

What's your favorite book you've gotten your hands on this month? Tell me down in the comments!


Blogger Summer Reading Program!

Reading challenges! I am all for fun reading challenges, especially in the summer, when I have time to do them. This one is hosted by the lovely ladies at Pretty Deadly Reviews and Reading with a Vengeance for the entire month of July. 

It's based on the idea of library summer reading programs: set yourself a goal, win prizes! 

A few key things about this program:
  • There's no requirement! Set your own weekly goals, and then check in every Sunday on whether or not you met your goal.
  • Sign up with a post (it can be a blog post, a tweet, a tumblr post, anything!) and use the link-up on either of the above mentioned blogs!
  • On July 1st, the ladies are going to announce a prize pack. To gain entries, use the rafflecopter on either of their linked posts.
  • Twitter chat! These are always so much fun! I always come out of Twitter chats with so many tabs open of new blogs and people to follow all across the internet. There will be one for this on June 30th @ 8PM EST (#BloggerSRP)
  • You don't have to be a blogger, you just have to read!

Ideally, I would like to read all of these books by the end of the month of July. I don't have to read them one a week or at all, but I want to set myself the goal of reading all of these books (especially Grisha and Six of Crows) even if I don't accomplish it.

But really, my official goal is to read 1 book a week! I don't have a lot going on in June (yay summer break!) and I'm not even working a summer job. I think I can knock this out fairly easily. 

Knowing me, I will probably get into some inescapable reading slump and only read one book in July, but let's not jinx it, okay? *knocks on wood* But I did want to set my standards low because I always set impossible standards for myself and then hit myself for not finishing them. 

I also want to make sure that I review every single book that I read throughout the month! (Excluding novellas and graphic novels/comics.)

Are you going to participate in this? What is the goal that you've set yourself? Let me know down in the comments!



"Top Ten Tuesday" is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish to share lists (because we love them) about books and bookish things.
Let's start off this post on a positive note, yes?


the 2016 releases that I've read and enjoyed

1. A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas: dfaeoufppihaoifhdfa < an accurate representation about my feelings on this book. I had problems with the writing (like I always do with Maas), but this is fantastic and the feels and the men. Oh, the men!
2. Exit, Pursued by a Bear by E.K. Johnston: WOW. So moving and important. It's a story of a girl who is at cheerleading camp where she gets drugged, raped, and left for all but dead. An excellent re-imagining of Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale, and now I am very interested in more of Johnston's work.
3. Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell: A short story from the UK's World Book day. My only complaint here is that the US doesn't have a WBD. WHY DON'T WE HAVE WORLD BOOK DAY? Let's start a movement.
4. The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson: This was everything that I wanted and more. The best MM book I've read to date.

Sorry to say it, but the post just goes downhill from here, guys.


the 2016 releases that I tried to read, but then gave up on

5. Wink Poppy Midnight: I could not get through this. The writing was just very bottom of the barrel for me, and if you've followed me for a while then you know I don't do shoddy writing.
6. Passenger by Alexandra Bracken: I started this immediately when it came out, but I was in the middle of a very hard semester. This book has very tiny margins with lots of words crammed on one page . . . it's also 400+ pages. I just didn't have the time, but I will get to it!


some of my most anticipated 2016 releases that I haven't even tried to start reading

8. Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys: Again, this is historical fiction. I don't know why I haven't gotten to it, but the fact is that the most I've touched this one is moving it from spot to spot on my shelves.
9. The Girl from Everywhere by Heidi Heilig: Again, time travel + historical fiction. All the buzz words. I do currently have the audiobook from my library, so fingers crossed I read this soon.
10. The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater: This should really go in the last category, but it would just hurt me too much to put it there. Technically I'm "currently reading it" and I've been "currently reading it" since release day. I mean it has been untouched for at least two weeks, so it counts? (This is my blog, I do what I want.)


the book that I was looking forward to, but ultimately let me down

11. Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare: I'm just going to leave you with the review (linked on the title), but basically it boils down to a few things: a) I couldn't ship the ship b) I had insane expectations and c) everything where I felt Clare's writing improved in COHF just went right back down the drain. *hides from raging fans*

What was on your top 10 list this week? Have you actually finished more 2016 releases than I have? Which was your favorite?! Tell me down in the comments!


The Most Magical Book Tag | Harry Potter Spells

Accio: the summoning charm. An upcoming release you cannot wait to get your hands on.

I have a ridiculous amount of love for Jay Kristoff and I would basically give you my left arm for this book.

Alohamora: the unlocking charm. Favorite series starter.

Clockwork Angel is a fantastic first book in a series. While the second book is by far my favorite, and the third definitely is my least favorite, Clockwork Angel is the happy medium of this trilogy that made me feel so many things.

Cheering Charm. A book that gave you all the warm fuzzies.

So many feelings. Cute dogs. Cute boy. Cute friendship. Cute story. Cute, cute, cute.

Aguamenti: the water-making spell. A book that made you ugly cry.

Do I need to explain this? Do I really?

Expecto Patronum: the patronus charm. A bookish hero/ine you'd want around to protect you in real life.

Rhysand. Azriel. Cassian. Any of the bastard Illyrian warriors will do just fine, thank you. I'll take one, or them all.

Lumos: creates light. A book you intentionally spoiled yourself for.

I would hardly call it "spoiling myself" when what I went searching for wasn't really explained at all anyway. I watched spoilery book reviews on YouTube about halfway through the book because I couldn't take not understanding why Emma and Julian couldn't fall in love other than "it's the law."

I basically spent 500 pages doing a horrible Magnus impression every time someone said "The law is hard, but it is the law." Because, let's be real, the Blackthorne family motto is "A bad law is no law" so . . .

Imperio: the imperius curse. A book you wish you could make everyone read.


Two very important books--a YA fiction and a non-fiction--on rape culture and rape cases. If you're looking for information and well-written books.

Engorgio: engorgement charm. A book series you wish never ended.

Technically, yes, this is cheating because it isn't a series. However, it totally should be a series. There are zero books, save for Harry Potter (but that's basically cheating with this tag), that I wish never ended. (Plus, we're getting Cursed Child and the Fantastic Beasts screenplay/movie, so it's not really over.)

Wingardium Leviosa: levitation charm. A book with an uplifting mood or message.

Oh, look, another Rainbow Rowell book. What a surprise! (Not.) This book is so feel-good and beyond relatable. I'm here for it.

Obliviate: memory charm. A book you wish you could forget you ever read.

Another question that I don't really like because, well, even though I've read some pretty horrible books in my time, there are none that I wish I hadn't read. I will say, however, that The Circle by Dave Eggers is the worst book I've read in my entire life. I don't recommend reading it, even if you are a dystopia/utopia lover.

Anapneo: clears the target's airways. An author whose books always get you out of a slump.

Now, I've only read one of Sophie Kinsella's books, but it was amazing. It was especially great as an audiobook, and I flew through it while in the middle of a chaotic first semester at college and work life. Top notch rom-com in a book. Highly recommend if you're feeling a slump coming on.

(Also, really any kind of audiobook will pull me out of an oncoming slump because usually when I'm in a slump it means I just don't want to physically read.)

Jelly Legs Jinx. A swoon-worthy hero/ine.

see also: Expecto Patronum

Why do you think I would want Illyrian warriors to protect me over people with magic? (A: They all happen to be very attractive.)

Arresto Momentum: slows down the target. A book that caused you to drop everything and read it.

I speed-read this series like it was no one's business. I got the first two at the same time from my library's overdrive, and when I finished Unravel Me, I immediately--and quite literally--dropped all of my plans and drove to Barnes and Noble (because it was like 8 PM, and my BN closed at 9 PM with a half an hour drive from my house to the store) to pick up Ignite Me, which my library didn't have immediately for check out.

Crucio: the cruciatus curse. A book that was painful to read.

I'm not finished with it yet, so put down your pitchforks. But there are so many grammatical errors and wrongly worded sentences/phrases that it's actually astounding that a copy editor didn't pick up on them.

Additionally, the lack of plot is also increddibly painful. (A parent dying of cancer is not a plot, I don't care what you say.)

Rictumsempra: the tickling charm. A book that made you laugh out loud.

This one of my all-time favorite books. And Mark Watney is one of the funniest characters that I've ever read. This book is so uplifting, but I wanted to save this book for this question because, man, Mark is funny and I've read very few truly hilarious characters in my time as a reader.

Expelliarmus: disarming charm. A book that made you want to send it flying.

As in I hated the ending and/or was generally frustrated with the book?

I actually threw this book on the ground when I was reading it, so while that is the opposite of flying it definitely fits the question. I stand by the fact that Clare took a cheap-shot, people-pleasing ending with this book. I do not like feeling manipulated (I mean, writers can make us feel for their characters, but this was just ridiculous.), and I think Clare took the easy way out rather than upsetting fans.

Portus: turns and object into a porkey. Bookish world you wish you could visit.

LET'S SEE HOW MANY QUESTIONS I CAN ANSWER WITH ACOMAF. (There have been more; I'm actually holding back quite a bit.) But honestly, take me to Velaris (preferably after the events of this book) and I'll just live there forever. Thank you.

Stupefy: stunning spell. A book with a shocking twist or ending.

I'm going to start a movement. It's called "Let's Not Tell People Books That Have Plot Twists" because . . . oh, I don't know, then it ruins the shocking plot twist?

Avada Kadavra: the killing curse. A character death that destroyed you.

I'm going to start a movement. It's called "Let's Not Tell People Books That Have Shocking Character Deaths" because . . . oh, I don't know, then it ruins the impact of the character death?

Finite Incantatum: terminates all spells in the area. Best series conclusion.

Deathly Hallows has been and always will be the answer to this question.

Have you done this tag? No? *punches you in the chest* Well, now you're tagged! Share your answers with me down below! Also, let me know if you dis/agree with any of my answers!


The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson | Review

Playlists were such a big part of Amy and Roger and Since You've Been Gone that I was both glad for a break from the playlists while also missing them deeply so I was really happy that the Target edition of the book has "Andie's Summer Playlist" (missing a few songs, but it's the thought that counts, yes?) for me to obsess over*.

* But really, it's all I've listened to since I finished the book. It's an amazing playlist.

Also, if you haven't seen these two beautiful wallpapers from Pop! Goes the Reader, you have to check them out because they are super cute and one of them is already resting comfortably on my desktop background.

I absolutely adored this book. It's by far my favorite Morgan Matson book that I have read*, and it has my new favorite book boyfriend. His name is Clark, and he's the most adorable nerd you'll ever read. I promise. 

Aside from the most perfect romance story, there are two main things that I absolutely loved about this story: the family aspect and the friendships. So many important things are brought up with both of these topics while still feeling realistic and incredibly well done. We see Andie going through ups and downs with both her father and her friends which I think is super important and great.

* I've just started Second Chance Summer!

It's also really funny (and also really sad?) and I genuinely appreciate the humor in this. We get so many amazing "dad" jokes in this book. (I put dad in quote marks because this my same sense of very dry, pun-driven humor.) We get all the emotional punches in this book, and even though I could see some of the plot points coming*, I was still hanging on to every word and seeing the journey Andie would take to get that point.

I'm usually not pleased with contemporaries because it's always boy meets girl but they can't be together because reasons or boy meets girl and they immediately fall in love, conflict happens, and then they overcome struggle (but then the book ends before you really see their relationship grow). We get the before and during of the relationship in this book so if you, like me, are constantly displeased by the amount of couple-ness happening then I honestly think you'll love this romance.

There are really important places that the friendship goes in this book, and while I won't tell you where it goes (because spoilers) it takes a really powerful turn. (And honestly I could read a whole other book about it.)

*especially if you've been around the YA contemporary block a few times

But honestly, if you haven't picked this book up, please do because I don't think you'll be disappointed.

(Also, this is a perfectly acceptable first Morgan Matson book, so don't feel super intimidated if this will have been your first Matson.)

The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson
Published: 3 May 2016 by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Format - Length: Hardcover - 519
Source: Target
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary, Romance
Goodreads | My Goodreads Review
Andie had it all planned out.

When you are a politician’s daughter who’s pretty much raised yourself, you learn everything can be planned or spun, or both. Especially your future.

Important internship? Check.

Amazing friends? Check.

Guys? Check (as long as we’re talking no more than three weeks).

But that was before the scandal. Before having to be in the same house with her dad. Before walking an insane number of dogs. That was before Clark and those few months that might change her whole life.

Because here’s the thing—if everything’s planned out, you can never find the unexpected.

And where’s the fun in that?
Have you read this yet? What's your favorite summer contemporary? Tell me down in the comments!