Fall Favorites | 2015

Next to Christmas, fall is my favorite time of the year. (I also thoroughly enjoy spring.) But mainly it is my favorite because it is socially acceptable to drink hot drinks and light candles in the Northern Hemisphere.

Winter is officially here on the 21st of December, so while some people in the United States have snow and ice (and I have seventy degree weather) it is still technically fall.

My two absolute favorite books that I read this season were Carry On by Rainbow Rowell and Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. Both are super amazing, and if you haven't read them yet then you need to.

I love candles and I use them year-round. I have different scented ones for each season. This is one that was gifted to me, so I don't know the exact brand. Also, it is a fairly recent favorite. Despite the name, it smells nothing like pumpkin. It's just blueberry in a pumpkin shaped container. 

And it's amazing.

I drink chai tea all year round (and Tazo classic is the best), but I especially love it at this time of the year because it is such a spice-y and warm tea that is perfect for fall. However, the ultimate fall drink in my opinion is apple cider. Again a spice-y and warm drink that reminds me of times huddled around bonfires, a classic fall activity in the southern US. Also, this is the drink I pick when I want something a little sweeter to drink as I don't like adding sugar and/or milk to my teas.

Also, note the Secret Garden coloring book in the background. So amazing and such a great stress reliever (especially during finals).

I love lotions and hand creams. I have always hoarded them and honestly haven't finished many. I love the smell and the thickness of this one. Also, the packaging is A+.

These are the first two Lush products that I have ever bought, and honestly they have both worked so well on my skin. Ocean Salt has an amazing limey scent to it, and while it is a bit tough on the skin, it does an amazing job. Herbalism smells a bit like vinegar and tastes like salty almonds if I am being honest. However, whenever I use it I can feel how clean my skin is afterwords and it's great.

What was your favorite product you used this fall?

Monica x


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