Top 12 Most Anticipated 2016 Non-Debut Releases

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE, EVERYONE! I hope everyone is having a fantastic time with friends and families!

There are so many amazing books coming out this next year! So much so that I had to make two lists because one would have just been too long. (Check out yesterday's post about debut releases.) Here are the books by authors that I already love as well as authors with some amazing backlist that I need to read. (I have already pre-ordered the first two on this list.) I will definitely be reading all of these at some point because they all sound amazing.

  1. PASSENGER BY ALEXANDRA BRACKEN: Now I haven't read The Darkest Minds but I am so, so excited for this release. Another time travel novel. Plus pirates. Regan @ Peruse Project recently read and really enjoyed this one. Seriously, so excited! 
  2. LADY MIDNIGHT BY CASSANDRA CLARE: I haven't finished TMI yet, but I have until March. I love the world Cassandra Clare has created, and I am super excited to see where she goes with it!
  3. THE RAVEN KING BY MAGGIE STIEFVATER: I am currently reading Blue Lily, Lily Blue and Maggie Stiefvater has quickly become one of my all time favorite authors. I am so excited to read the last book of The Raven Cycle. #SaveGansey2016
  4. GEMINA BY AMIE KAUFMAN & JAY KRISTOFF: The sequel to one of my favorite books of the year, Illuminae, is coming out in the fall of 2016. If you loved the first book, and can't wait for the synopsis to come out, you can read Jay Kristoff describe it here. I am excited beyond words.
  5. THIS SAVAGE SONG BY VICTORIA SCHWAB: I adore Vicious by V.E./Victoria Schwab. Also, this is pitched as, by the author herself, "Sin City + Romeo and Juliet - romance + monsters." It plays with the idea of monsters and humans and rival families, and it just sounds amazing. And it's Victoria Schwab, so I'm sure that it will be. 
  6. THE UNEXPECTED EVERYTHING BY MORGAN MATSON: While not a favorite author, Morgan Matson's books are super fun and entertaining (I haven't read Second Chance Summer because I don't really like sad teenager books.) and this one sounds just as fun.
  7. THE SONG RISING BY SAMANTHA SHANNONThis is the third book in the Bone Season series, and while I haven't finished the second book, I love this series because of it's uniqueness. I can't wait to continue this series (and finally see the cover). 
  8. A COURT OF MIST AND FURY BY SARAH J. MAAS: I didn't like the Throne of Glass series, and while ACOTAR wasn't an absolute favorite of this past year, I am excited to see where our characters go. Because we get more Rhysand, and that's literally the entire reason I'm excited about this book.
  9. THE HIDDEN ORACLE BY RICK RIORDAN: APOLLO IS MY FAVORITE GOD. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS. (I will probably try to start and finish HOO before this comes out, but I won't push myself too hard.) I LOVE RICK RIORDAN. 
  10. NEVERNIGHT BY JAY KRISTOFF: Illuminae was a favorite book from this past year, and Jay Kristoff has an extensive backlist with one particular series (The Lotus War Trilogy) that I am super intrigued by. This is a story about assassins and revenge. Count me in.
  11. THE GLITTERING COURT BY RICHELLE MEAD: Another author with a giant backlist that I haven't read yet, but honestly, none of them have seemed interesting until this one. It's the start of a new fantasy series that mixes Elizabethan times and the Western Frontier. Dudes, it sounds amazing.
  12. THE FORBIDDEN WISH BY JESSICA KHOURY: Female Jinni, Zahara, is in a love story with Aladdin. Thank you, I will just take this. (Also this cover is the most gorgeous thing I've seen.) 
What books are you anticipating this next year? There are more that didn't make the list (Futhermore by Tahereh Mafi, for example), and I am looking forward to so many amazing releases that I am anticipating. Tell me your most anticipated release down in the comments!


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