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17 Books to Read in 2017

I mean, there are far more than seventeen books that I would like to read in this year, but I've pinned down some of the ones that I would really like to read. I've also shaped this list to, hopefully, help guide my reading into the direction that I would like it to go in this year and future years: a mix of young adult and adult books as well as a few classics. Also, that one series that I've had unfinished since elementary school.  

These are all books that I personally own and have been sat, unread, on my shelves for too long. Too long, I say!

Part one of this list is The Chronicles of Narnia. My reread of the first book, The Magician's Nephew, was my first read of 2017. I have also reread The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe so now I am well set to continue on with this series. There are five remaining books in this series, and if I don't finish it this year, I don't know what I'll do with myself but the level of disappointment will be incredible.

  • The Mime Order: I was and am an avid fan of the first book in this series, The Bone Season, which came out a few years ago now and was one of the first books I read and adored here on Tomes Project. (The mems, the mems, guys.)
  • The  Black Prism: I have, since drafting this post, already aquired the second book in this series despite not reading the first book. Guys, I'm supposed to be on a book buying ban. I think January has been a good "weening" month for me and February will be full-blown "read 5 before you buy" ban. Anyway, this is a five-book-fantasy series that has been recieving amazing reviews over the past few years. The magic system deals with light which is super unique, and the more colors of the spectrum you can control, the more powerful you are.
  • My Brilliant Friend: I've heard endless good things about this series. Also, it's translated fiction, which I want to read more of anyway.
  • The Night Circus: I've never really been a fan of the circus. Ever since I went as a kid, I just have been very anti-circus. Clowns weren't there, but those are horrible too. But this circus has magic. I've had this book on my shelf forever. It's ridiculous.

  • The Awakening: This is important feminist lit. How the heck have I not read this?
  • Jane Eyre: Every bookish girl who has ever read this book absolutely loves this. I need to join their ranks.
  • Pride and Prejudice: Every person on earth has read this except for me.
  • Franny and Zooey: I've never read any Salinger, but a few friends of mine have read this and loved it. I want to be able to discuss this with them!

  • Gemina: I mean, Illuminae was one of my favorite books of 2015, and I went to Jay and Amie's event when they came to Nashville. I've had this for too long. It needs to be read.
  • This Savage Song: As I'm writing this, I'm actually a good chunk of the way through this one. Victoria Schwab is one of my all-time favorite authors. She's brilliant, and I'm loving this so far. 
  • A Madness So Discreet: Trina @ Between Chapters is a friend that I have gained over the past year, and she's Mindy's #1 fan. I want to read some of her books so that I can talk to her about them. Also, Mindy is coming to SEYA fest in Tennessee in March. I'd like to have read at least one of her books before then.
  • Crooked Kingdom: I'm about halfway through this. I've read the first half of this book about twice (maybe three times) now. It's not bad. I just don't want series to end because I have commitment issues. 
Have you read any of these? Which should I finish first. Convince me to read all of these ASAP with your words of praise down in the comments!

Favorite and Least Favorite Books of 2016

I read 79 things this year. That includes novels, memoirs, comic volumes, novellas, and essays among other things. Jaime's book survey is coming later (at some point) so a more comprehensive 2016 reading recap is coming soon! This list won't include rereads, but obviously, books that I reread this year are favorites otherwise, I wouldn't have reread them.


These first few books are actually DNFs, so I didn't actually finish them but judgment has been passed nonetheless.

  • Captive Prince: I have so many problems with this book. I absolutely hated it, and the main ideas around this series are incredibly romance focused. And, knowing the ship that sails at the end of this series, I just cannot get behind this book, nor could I force myself to read through unnecessarily graphic and gratuitous text. 
  • Second Chance Summer: I really, really tried with this one, probably more so that the other two books on this portion of the list; however, it was just so bad that I couldn't even force myself to finish this book. I thought it was Matson's debut because, for me, the writing itself was leagues beneath the writing in Amy & Roger's Epic Detour. There was absolutely no plot (a person dying is not a plot, sorry) and whatever it was that happened between this group of characters (I didn't even get to that point in the story) . . . I can't realistically see the weight of it because it happened when they were about 12 or 14. 
  • The Wrath and the Dawn: My main issue with this was that it threw you into a story with no explanation or buildup. I didn't relate to the characters because I just felt so distant from them because we don't spend much time with them before the plot starts moving.

Okay, so now continuing on with the books I actually finished.

  • Cursed Child: Just go to the link to read my review of this because I have too much to say about this in such a short space. TLDR: It was basically the My Immortal fanfiction that we all laughed at ten years ago.
  • Slammed: Again, I have too many problems with this, most of which boil down to an imbalance of power in a relationship, and it portrays a horribly unhealthy relationship as something swoon-worthy and healthy. 
  • Lady Midnight: Wow, I'm getting repetitive here, but I had multiple problems with this. After a lot of reflection, I think it's coming down to me growing out of Cassandra Clare's writing style and just a general fatigue of the Shadowhunter world.
  • Can You Keep a Secret?: Again, this one boils down to an imbalance of power in a relationship that is founded on blackmail. Additionally, there is an incredibly harmful and inaccurate portrayal of feminism in this book. I just can't support it.


(there will be a bonus comic round, fret not!)
also, these are roughly ordered from "least favorite favorite" to "most favorite favorite"

  • The Unexpected Everything: For someone who doesn't generally like contemporary novels, I was surprised when I was done making this list that there were so many. The thing about this book that I loved the most about this book was the realistic portrayal of friendship. I mean, obviously, so many of the events are a little classically-crazy-contemporary
  • City of Heavenly Fire: I find it strange that Cassie Clare makes both my favorite and least favorite list, but I would be lying if I said that this wasn't one of the most enjoyable and satisfying books that I read this year. (It was almost City of Glass, but I refused to put two books in the same series on this list.)
  • What We Saw: I want to shout this book from the rooftops and make every single high school English class read and discuss it. If you don't know, this is a book that talks about sexual assault in high school and how sports teams, social class, and social media affect that issue. Extra non-fiction reading material to pick up: Missoula by Jon Krakauer
  • Hamilton: I mean, what did you expect? The insight into Eliza's character alone is enough for me to tell you to grab this from your library if you haven't already.
  • Station Eleven: DUUUUDE. Just go pick this up. It was beautifully written and important and moving and impactful. Please, please, check it out.
  • Six of Crows: *for full flailing, please read my review*
  • Simon: *for full flailing, please read my review*


these are in no particular order

  • Giant Days: I actually read the first three volumes of this in 2016, and I loved them all. This is a contemporary comic series that follows a group of girls in their first year of university. I love all the girls in this series (and the guys) and one of the girls in this series is queer, which I thought was only really beginning to be explored; however, I definitely see more of this character being explored in future volumes.
  • Lumberjanes, vol. 3: I live for female friendships and magic in ordinary settings. It's everything I want in a series and more. Distribute it to all the children. 
  • Captain Marvel: I read this during BookTubeAThon, and this character has definitely stuck with me. I constantly think about Carol Danvers and how important the Captain Marvel movie will be for a bunch of girls and teenagers. She is so strong and brave, but flawed and human and breakable. My god, I love Carol Danvers.
  • Spider-Gwen: The theme of these comics (save the next one) is strong female women. Gwen Stacy as Spider-Woman and the backstory behind her and how she got her powers and all the shit she goes through prior to this is amazing and it just makes her stronger. She's phenomenal.
  • Doctor Strange: This was my first exploration into Doctor Strange, and I picked it up because the movie was coming out, like, the next weekend. A few things: 1) the art, the art was absolutely stunning and magical and was so much of the story and the explanation of the story and the world (I thought it was explained extremely well) and 2) 
  • Wonder Woman: Another first venture into a popular character for me. I am naming any future female offspring Diana. That's it. Also, I'm a little bit in love with Wonder Woman.

WHEW. Long post is really long, sorry? If you made it through that, *gives you a million chocolate chip cookies* thank you very much! What were your favorite and least favorite books you read in 2016? Have you read any of these? Let's discuss in comments!

Shelved Series to Start in 2017

Hello! Welcome to the third and final day of Series Week here on Tomes Project!

I am exhausted. So many graphics have been born for this. It needs to be a while before I make another.

These are not all but most of the series that have been sitting around unstarted and untouched on my shelves for too long. Too long, I say! Hopefully, I can correct this in the new year. Realistically, I know I won't start and finish all of these series, but as long as I take out a fair chunk, I think I'll be pleased. 

Let's get started!

This is probably the thing I deem "most shameful" in my reading life. I also have never seen the movies. I FEEL ASHAMED. *hides behind my massive piles of books* I did just get new non-mass-market-paperback editions of this with non-hideous covers, so I can actually make myself read them.

Is that shallow? That's shallow.

I actually started the first book earlier in 2016, but didn't get very far in so I'm not counting it. But it's a fantasy series about dragons. I seriously don't know how I haven't read it sooner.

Monsters are not my #1 reading topic, I will admit. However, I am absolute trash for Victoria Schwab's writing. She is a master of words and characters and plot. I will read everything she writes. This story is uniquely interesting to me because it has so much inspiration drawn from the real world. If our actions had direct, physical consequences (in this case, actual monsters) what would happen? It's genius, I tell you, genius.

I've heard great things about this series. I know next to nothing about this series. Nope, scratch that. I know nothing about this series other than that it's a fantasy series. That's literally it. Cinda Williams Chima is slated to come to SEYA in March, which is a book festival in Tennessee, and I own the first book. If I can finish the first book before then, I will be immensely happy.

I actually own this entire trilogy. It's ridiculous, believe me, I understand. Nevertheless, this is another scarily-beloved fantasy series that is comprised of absolutely massive books. 
Ugh. Why am I so weak-willed?

One of my favorite genres--yet least read of 2016--is historical fiction. I really like history; I was raised by a history buff, and I grew up learning about history and going to historical places all around the United States. Essentially, it runs in my blood. It's just hard for me to find one that I know I'll like.

And I know that I will like this because I am a Spanish major in school; I've spent a lot of time studying mainly South America (whereas this book takes place in Spain) and the language in general. As this is a translated piece of fiction, I have no excuses as to why I haven't read this yet.

Can you sense the theme that these are books that everyone loves but I've put off reading because I have an incredible fear of being that one person who hates a book? It's stupid, I know, but that's just me, okay? 

This story supposedly has a ton of political intrigue, which speaks to me on a spiritual level because I am endlessly fascinated by politics. I know, I'm a dork. I've also heard that the romance is great and that the protagonist is more of a wits-over-brawn kind of girl, which again speaks to me on a spiritual level.

Remember all the talk of political intrigue? This series has that too, except it's more adult-oriented. So, The Winner's trilogy can be my appetizer before the main course.

This is an adult fiction series that I have herd zero bad things about. Genuinely. Mari @ mynameismarines is running a readalong for book one in this series in January. I was actually planning on starting this in December (and still might). I have books one and two on my shelves because I've heard they're highly addictive.

What series are you wanting to start in the new year? I really want to know so that I can add more books to my TBR pile. *nervous laughter* *fades into my bookshelves*

Series I'll Never Finish | 2016

I should probably go through the classic disclaimer. *clears throat*

I am not trying to offend you if your favorite series is on this list. (And, to be honest, it probably is.) These series were just not for me. They may, however, be for you.

Also, these are not all series that I read in 2016. In fact, most of them aren't. However, I've never done a post on this, and by this point, some of these series are long overdue some closure. Also, this post was supposed to go up last week, but nonetheless:

Welcome to Day 2 of Series Week

Read: The Giver, Gathering Blue
Unread: Messenger, Son

Speaking of closure, I read The Giver and Gathering Blue both in middle school. I remember absolutely nothing about these books. That is not an exaggeration. I could not tell you a single thing about either of those books, and I did a book report for one and saw the play production of the other. So when I say nothing, I mean nothing. 

At this point, I would have to reread those two books, and I just think it's time to move on. (And I've heard that this series has a very unsatisfying ending, and I'm just not about to put in all that work for a meh ending.)

Read: The 100, Day 21
Unread: Homecoming

The One Where the TV Show Was Better Than the Book. Yeah, this was super disappointing. I think you can find my DNF review of Day 21 somewhere in my archives; however, it's horrendously old and I don't want to embarrass myself, but search on if you must. 

The idea behind these books is amazing. I mean, just look at the success of the TV show. However, the books are too short and too dull. Nothing happens in them. I found the characters relentlessly annoying and completely forgettable since this tiny 220-page book switches between five different points of view. 70 pages with a character is not enough to get attached. I know there are people that enjoy these books, but I'll just stick with the show, thanks.

Read: Cinder, Scarlet
Unread: Cress, Fairest, Winter, Stars Above

This series just wasn't for me for a variety of reasons. 1) I don't really like the story of Cinderella and 2) I don't particularly like space. At all. I might eventually read through the rest of Cress eventually because I do like that it sticks to a bunch of the original fairytale, but I have no interest in the overarching plot of this series. 

Read: The Sword of Summer
Unread: The Hammer of Thor

I only ever read half of the first book in this series, but this is more of a closure for myself about not reading any more Rick Riordan. I read and loved the Percy Jackson series when I was younger; it was responsible for getting me back into reading, so how could I not? However, I think I've outgrown his work. I think what he's doing is fantastic: making history and mythology fun for middle-grade readers. But at this point in my life, I'd rather just read about the mythology itself.

Read: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
Unread: The Evolution of Mara Dyer, The Retribution of Mara Dyer

I read the first book of this series this year, and there was nothing wrong with it but it just wasn't anything special. I had a lot of issues with the love interest in this book, which I imagine will only get worse with time, but I did really like the idea behind this story. Also, this has one of the best book brothers ever. I want one of him for myself.

Read: The Kiss of Deception
Unread: The Heart of Betrayal, The Beauty of Darkness

Another book that I DNFed, but wasn't any fault of the book. It just was too romance-focused for my tastes. Also, the cover of the first book always makes me think of The Princess Bride and those are just impossible standards to set.

 Read: The Selection, The Elite, The One
Unread: The Heir, The Crown

I'm never going to read the continuation of this series. Eadlyn was a grade A annoyance, and as the main character, I couldn't stand reading more than the first ten pages of The Heir. 

Read: Throne of Glass
Unread: The Assassin's Blade, Crown of Midnight, Heir of Fire, Queen of Shadows, Empire of Storms

*hides* I really, really disliked the first book in this series. I hate Sarah J. Maas's writing style, and after reading A Court of Wings and Ruin I will forever swear off SJM's books. 

Read: The Wrath and the Dawn
Unread: The Rose and the Dagger

This was another one that I DNFed. I just didn't see the appeal of this. It immediately pushed you into the story with no build up or explanation at all.

That's it. Please don't hate me. Are any of these on your abandoned list? What other series are on your abandoned list? Tell me down in comments!