The Princess Diaries #1-3: Anne Hathaway is Mia Thermopolis

I binge-listened to this series on Scribd (my newest obsession . . . it's replacing my Netflix subscription). All of the audiobooks are about 5 hours long, so they are really short (!) and the first three are read by Princess Mia herself, Anne Hathaway (!!!).

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The Experience

If you ever had any interest in reading this series but shied away because you figured it was too immature or too young for you, then I recommend that you pick up these audiobooks. Mainly because Anne Hathaway is such a fantastic narrator and we are already familiar with her voice being Princess Mia's voice. It's an easy transition.

A transition, nonetheless that I am nervous to make to the new reader of these books. I am hoping to love them as much as I loved listening to these three, but if the narrator ends up being absolutely horrible then the ebooks are avaliable on scribd as well. 

The Story

As you may or may not know, Mia Thermopolis is a freshman in high school. Just your average 14 year old (a self-proclaimed flat chested giant) who is nowhere near popular. She pretty much has one friend, Lilly Moscovitz, who is a genius, and she's failing Algebra. 

Suddenly, her life gets flipped on it's head: her mom starts dating her algebra teacher, her dad comes into town, and -oh- she's a princess. (I know, you never would have guessed.) Now, Lana and Josh (the school's power couple) start befriending her, friendships are tested, others are gained, and Mia learns how to juggle school, home life, and Princess life.

Also, she's hilarious and listening to Anne Hathaway reading her thoughts is absolute perfection. It's like watching a remade Princess Diaries movie with more Michael Moscovitz, the boy whom Mia constantly reminds us that she's in love with (also he's Lilly's older brother and -dun dun dun- a senior.


Oh. My. Word. You need to listen to these books. It's such an amazing experience, and while the first three books only cover one semester of school, they wrap up super nicely (you guys know how I am a fan of bows). I almost wonder if this was originally optioned as a trilogy and then the publishers were like "Meg, this is a great trilogy, but we need more. Like, we can't stand not knowing what happens to Mia." . . . and I would truly believe it. 

I am simultaneously nervous and excited about continuing this series on audiobook because Anne Hathaway doesn't narrate any more of the books, and I don't tend to like reading books written as a diary or written in letters. 

Have you read these books or seen any of the movies? Do you want to read this series or do you want to pass? Tell me down in the comments!


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