The One Where I Contemplate "Outdated" Series | The Mortal Instruments

Put down your pitchforks, I am not saying that The Mortal Instruments is outdated.

This is a post where I ask you your opinions on the question of "Is it too late for me to read this book?"

One of my favorite aspects of book blogging is being part of this bigger community. When I read the books that everyone is reading (or people start to pick up the books that I recommend) I can feel the community wrapping around me and supporting me. I mean, look at the giant series and books that we can conquer together!

But what about the series that you might have "missed out" on? Do you think can miss out on a series?

Present Day Example: The Mortal Instruments Series

I am eighteen years old, a freshman in college, and I have never read the original series by Cassie Clare. Swiftly approaching it's ninth book birthday, City of Bones seems like a book that pretty much everyone in the book community has read. I constantly feel isolated from the book community because Jase, Clary (?), and Simon are just names to me. I've read the first two books in the Infernal Devices trilogy, and I am eagerly anticipating Lady Midnight's release in 2016; however, I feel like my opinions on her new release would be discarded because I'm not a "true fan" because I never read the absurdly large six book long series.

Since I first heard about it, I discarded the series as one I would probably never read. Then I read the Infernal Devices, and now there's a television show coming out that everyone and their book buddies are talking about. All within the course of a week, I have wanted to reach for City of Bones, and I am wondering whether it is of my own accord or if the pressure of the community is getting to me.

There are two main fears that I have if I do decide to read this series, both of which are lurking in corners, ready to pop out and destroy me:

  1. What happens if I don't like it? - Then I am still the outsider, and I still feel excluded and apart from the community. Best case scenario of not liking it: I at least know that I don't like it (the not knowing is kind of killing me.)
  2. What about my TBR? - I have so many other books on my TBR. SO MANY OTHER BOOKS that are crying out for me to read them. If I read these, then the other books are just sitting on my shelves, unloved, while I devour a freakin' gigantic six book series.
What do I do? Do I read this series or no? Is it outdated? Has it lived past it's prime? Please impart your wisdom down in the comments!


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