8 Reasons to (Re)Read Harry Potter this December

I love Harry Potter (who doesn't?) and I need to finish my reread of the series. I have three books left to read. I thought I would give y'all some reasons to join me (and others!) in reading/rereading a favorite series this joyous month!

1. #HarryXMasToYou

There is a giant community of book bloggers and booktubers (and just your average Seamus that loves Harry Potter) that participate in this annual event where you can try (or succeed in) reading/rereading all seven Harry Potter books in the month of December. (Also there are house points and other very exciting things.) 

2. Celebrate Finishing School!

For those of you in school, you get all of this time off of school. You've just finished finals, and you're out of school for - if you're like me - an entire month and a half. Look at all of the free time. It's amazing. Why not reread a favorite series, or just pick your favorite of the series to read? Or you could read it for the first time!

3. You've Got Time!

You've got a whole month! With all of that free time, you can really devote yourself to reading them. All you have to do is Christmas shopping . . . and you can always just listen to the amazing audiobooks while you do that. 

4. The Illustrated Edition

You can experience the first book in a new way with the new illustrated edition. I personally don't have a copy of it, but it's on my Christmas wishlist big time.

5. Don't Forget About the Movies!

It's basically a given that all eight Harry Potter movies will be on ABC family . . . at least twice. So, you can read and watch the movies together.


6. Do Forget About Your Dysfunctional Family

There are nowhere near all about Christmas, but the scenes in the books around Christmas time are always a favorite. So, if your family is a little crazy (like mine), you can live vicariously through the Weasleys.


7. Finish the Reread You Started

It's the perfect time to finish that reread you thought you would do throughout the year (AKA: me).

8. Oh, the Nostalgia!

Passing on the nostalgia. You've have a great experience with the Harry Potter series, and with all the children that are constantly around, you can read them the first book storybook-style.

Are you going to join #HarryXMasToYou? (Honestly, so excited, if you couldn't tell.) Tell me down in the comments!


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