Stacking the Shelves [34]: #BookOutletHaul + More!

Stacking the shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews, and it's all about sharing the books that have come into your possession throughout the week, whether it books added to your collection, ebooks, library books, etc. Sunday post is a weekly meme  hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer where bloggers can recap their week, showcase books, and share news.

The Stack 

  • ROOM: This one was an impulse buy off Amazon. I've heard vague, very good things about this book (definitely my favorite way to go into a book), and I am super excited to read this.
  • AND THEN THERE WERE NONE, CHAINS: One thing that BookOutlet is great for is getting books that you think you might have read at one point in time so that you can read them for sure.
  • TEN TINY BREATHS, STARRY NIGHT: Another thing BookOutlet is great for is getting books you've heard no one talk about before. A few of my friends on Goodreads have read and loved Ten Tiny Breaths and loved it. I want to read it soon (as my first real NA!).
  • THE FORTUNE HUNTER, THE MINIATURIST: The other thing that I have found BookOutlet very useful for is buying expensive adult books very cheaply. I have wanted to read The Miniaturist since it came out, and all I know about The Fortune Hunter is that it is historical fiction.
  • BLACK WIDOW: FOREVER RED: I won another giveaway! I have heard pretty meh things about this one due to a sense of false advertising. And while I am very sad that this isn't actually the origin story of Natasha, I might try to read it between studying for finals. 
  • CITY OF BONES, CITY OF ASHES, CITY OF GLASS: My library's Overdrive had these avaliable for immediate check-out, and I needed to check-out of studying for my finals/writing papers. These are so immersive and essential to my current mental state.

What I Read This Week

So. Hooked. (As you can tell because I got the first three in the trilogy.) Also, I might be shipping Alec/Magnus. Will/Magnus is the ultimate ship though, don't get me wrong.

When I Wasn't Reading

I was watching Mockingjay Part 2 . . . twice. (The second time was definitely necessary and made me appreciate it much, much more than I did the first did.)

Also I was stressin' because the semester is almost over and I have finals next week. No prob . . . it's okay (actually, I am internally dying).

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WOW. That was long. Did it seem a little long to you? Sorry for the blog absence, but school is so much more stressful than I ever anticipated. 

What books have you gotten this week? Have you read any of the books I've gotten?

I need to go on a book-buying ban . . . I'm going on a book-buying ban.


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