Currently Reading (and Listening)

I might be the actual last person to read anything by Cassandra Clare. I lost interest in ever reading her original series, but the Infernal Devices trilogy has always seemed very intriguing (meshing two of my favorite genres: historical fiction and urban fantasy. I am about 150 pages in and I just want to read it for forever. 

I can, however, not just read it until I finish it because I have to start The Circle by Dave Eggers today. I have it planned out to read approximately 70 pages per day for one week to have it finished before I move into my dorm (they told me I wouldn't have summer reading in college . . . liars). 

And in between writing up posts and reading and getting things together for college, I have been listening to the fifth Harry Potter book -can you believe there are no high quality pictures on google images of the original American cover?- for #BacktoHogwarts15 and because I've been wanting (and have been) rereading/listening to this series. 

What are you currently reading? Tell me down in the comments!


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