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Starting at the beginning of January, I started a book buying ban. I have resolved to read five books before buying one. (I am allowing myself to buy books that I have already read as well as a handful of books for a signing coming up in March.)

These are all books that I bought before the book buying ban started (and a preorder) with Christmas money.

The Book Outlet Boxing Day sale is a magical thing. Definitely got a little arm workout holding all of these up (because no I do not work out, and yes, this was kind of heavy).
  • THE FANGIRL'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY: I was really surprised to see this one on Book Outlet, and honestly, I have wanted this since it came out just for the novelty of it.
  • THE LOTUS WAR TRILOGY (I, II, III): If you've followed me for a bit, you know that Illuminae was one of my absolute favorite books of 2015. I am super excited for Kristoff's new series coming out later this year, so I wanted to read some of his individual books before picking up his newest. What I know: Japanese, Steampunk, Fantasy. I need to know no more.
  • THE SHELL COLLECTOR: Another case of "I loved X book" (All the Light We Cannot See) "and want to read more of this author" (Anthony Doerr). 
  • WOLF IN WHITE VANHOW TO BUILD A GIRL: I know very little about both of these, but the little that I have heard has been amazing, so I wanted to pick them up while I had the chance.

LOOK HOW PRETTY THIS BOX SET IS. I don't care what anyone else says about these covers, I love the spines (and the covers are pretty okay). I am at book 3 right now, and I am going to try (and probably fail) to finish this series before Lady Midnight releases.

  • THE WINNER'S CURSE: I've wanted to read this series for a while and when I got wind (or tsunami if you were on Twitter that day) of the cover change, I snagged the first two UK covers from Book Depository because I had planned on buying the paperbacks for this series. (The second one got lost in the mail, and then they resent it but it is sitting at my house two hours away.)
  • STOLEN: I forgot to include this one in my last haul. But this one was the result of a #BooksforTrade on twitter.
  • PASSENGER: Pre-ordered this one. Still haven't read it. Story of my life.
  • SIX OF CROWS: I know, I know. "But Monica, you already have a signed ARC of this book." Correct, and now I have a beautiful, black-edged finished edition that can match the sequel.
Since I will no longer be doing weekly book hauls replaced with these monthly book hauls, I will still have an update of some of the posts that I have done within the past month.

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I hope y'all like this new format. It will definitely help me out with my book-buying because I found that I hated not having a weekly STS, so I would make sure I had a book every week. 

What books have you gotten this month? Tell me down in the comments!


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