The Last Five Books I Read | Wrap-Up [1]

This picture tells you a lot, doesn't it?

*hometown library manically laughs in the distance*

"The Last Five Books" is an idea that I got from Misty @ The Book Rat, where she sums up the last five books that she read. I like this format because it is easily malleable to how much I am reading, as well as it loosens up my blog schedule at the end and beginnings of months. I have also decided to add in life + blogging updates in these posts because I will no longer be doing weekly stacking the shelves posts (because book buying bans).
*fingers crossed that this is something I keep up for the rest of 2016*

  1. IF I STAY BY GAYLE FORMAN: I will freely admit it: I saw the movie first, and I enjoyed the movie more. I know this is a beloved book for so many people and I totally get why. I just saw what the movie did with Kim's character and I wanted to see the same thing in the book, but I didn't. (See me rant about that here.) I feel like the whole "Live for Love" slogan should really be "Live for Love . . . but not platonic love because that doesn't sell" but maybe I'm bitter. (I am.) - 3.75 stars
  2. BLACK WIDOW, VOL. 3: LAST DAYS: IT'S OVER? I didn't know that this was a limited-run series. When I finished the volume, there was a note from the author about how "he was so honored to have added to Natasha's story" and "thank you to the readers" for supporting him on this journey. While I was sad to see it in, I was definitely glad with how it ended. We still see a great story from Natasha's life with the classic Black Widow veil of "you will never understand everything". - Goodreads Review - 4 stars
  3. ALL-NEW X-MEN, VOL. 4: ALL-DIFFERENT: Wow. They got "all different costumes" . . . and that's about as exciting as this volume gets. It was a hogde-podge of things that didn't seem to cohere with each other and a weak story, but pretty art (sometimes). - Goodreads Review - 2 stars
  4. CITY OF ASHES BY CASSANDRA CLARE: I thought that this was an absolute great installment in the series, and I think it was a fantastic second book. I absolutely can't wait to read the rest of the series. - Goodreads Review - 5 stars
  5. WHERE SHE WENT: I think the audiobook might have been part of the reason I disliked this book as much as I did. While I enjoyed seeing Adam and his struggles, he and his "I am rock star god" got on my nerves very quickly. Also there was the whole thing with Adam and Mia thinking literally the only thing they need to live is love, so. - Goodreads Review - 3 stars
Tomorrow I will post up the "Next Five" books that I am planning on reading! Do you guys like this style of wrap-up because I know I do, and it gives me the chance to talk about the books that I don't review in full for you guys! Tell me down in the comments!


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