Summer #Cramathon TBR + Challenges

This is meant for people who are behind on their goodreads goal, not people who are 18 books ahead of schedule (like ya girl. whoo!). However, when I heard the challenges for this, I thought it would be the opportune time for me to read some of the things on my shelf that I have been really wanting to read.

This readathon starts on Friday the 10th at midnight (12AM your time) and goes through Monday the 13th (11:59 PM your time).

I really want to re-read what I have read of the Chronicles of Narnia as well as read the ones that I never picked up, which is everything past Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Also, this will get me on track towards my re-read challenge.

The second challenge was to read a hardback, and I recently hauled The Enchanted from BookOutlet based on Regan @ PeruseProject's recommendation. This seems super awesome, and I have wanted to read it since I hauled it.

I picked this up from the library a couple weeks ago, and it's due Friday. Seems like the perfect opportunity to read it.

So, I scoured Whitney's books that she's read by Ellen Hopkins (I for some reason forgot about Lisa Schroder) and this was one she liked, so I downloaded it from my library since I will be doing some traveling this weekend.

I recently (like today) finished The Selection trilogy (I still need to read The Heir) and I am just not ready to let go of Queen Amberly. So, naturally, I picked up the novella about her.

I've wanted to read this book for forever. I accidentally got the version without the pictures, but I'm glad I did because whenever people talk about the book, they talk about the art and not the story. I want to review the story. 

Are you participating in Cramathon? You should! If not, what are you reading this weekend?

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