April in Review: 2015

So this month was great. Lots of tears, but everything is looking up. Reading wise, I was feeling very slumpy this month. Which is why three of the books I read were graphic novels, one was an audiobook, and one was half-audiobook. I've only bought three books this month because the library has been my best friend. I also need to save money for college and things needed for my dorm. 

This month I completed my very first half-marathon (and I think I have a stress fracture, but I refuse to go to the doctor), presented and finished writing my senior thesis, studied and studied for my three AP tests, and decided which college I am going to attend in the fall. 

A lot happened this month, but I know that what is going to happen in May will be even better. 




Reading Challenges

Goodreads: 29/52
Popsugar: 21/50
Rereads: 2/10
Over 500 pages: 3/5


Favorite book of the month: Definitely The Book Thief.  I mean, what kind of human would I be if I didn't pick this one. 

Most surprising book: Lumberjanes  was absolutely fantastic. I had heard the Book Rioters talking and raving about it, but I was surprised by how wonderful (for all ages) this graphic novel was. The Wicked + The Divine  was also absolutely stunning. I was depressed to find out I have to wait for the second volume. However, that one is definitely for more mature audiences. 


So this month wasn't the best of reading months, but I am still impressed with myself. What was the best book you read this month? Tell me down in the comments!

Happy Reading!

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