Tuesday Talks: Reading Influence

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"What was the biggest influence for your passion of reading?"

The earliest influence was definitely my family. Neither of my parents graduated college, so I always like to believe that they wanted the best for me and my older sister. So, my mom would make sure we were always reading, and in the times where we didn't have the money to keep up with our reading speed (and the six and a half year reading gap), our house would have as many library books as we could.

While that was the earliest  influence, it wasn't the most influential. It was my sister. It was seeing my sister devour Harry Potter. It was seeing her beg my mom to drive her to the local Kroger's to get the next book (because there was never a bookstore in our town until 5 years ago, so grocery stores sold Harry Potter . . . I think). Saying that, I want to say that Harry Potter was definitely one of the biggest influences in what is now my passion for reading. I saw the community that was created from this book. I saw the impact it made on people's lives. And I wouldn't have seen any of that without my sister.

My sister, because she was six and a half years older than I was, attended college while I was still in middle school. She kept a lot of her books at home, so I would sneak into her room when I got off of the school bus in the afternoon and pick a book off of her bookshelf. Naturally, these weren't really anything age appropriate for a seventh grader. I was the weirdo seventh grader with a Nicolas Sparks obsession.

So without even knowing it, my sister was the biggest influence without her even realizing it. Isn't it amazing the affect you can have on someone's life by not even knowing it?

What was the biggest influence for your passion of reading? Tell me down in the comments!

Happy Reading!

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