UN-Stacking My Shelves!

I have never unhauled books before, but as I am going to be headed to college in four months, I decided to clear out some of the books that I didn't want on my shelves anymore. There will be more books to unhaul in the future, but as for now, this is it. Also, I really wanted to rearrange my bookshelf.

 Some of these books are books that I have bought with my own money. Others are books I have been given or someone else bought for me. Even more are books that were passed on to me from my sister.

With all the buzz going around the internet of #crushyourtbr and #0by16 and such, I felt the need to clear out all the books that I don't want to look at any longer. A few of these I have read, but even more are books that I've never touched.

Before you freak out about Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban  being in this stack, I have another copy. This copy just didn't match the others. 5 of the 11 are books that I have read and just was not impressed with, 5 of the 11 are books that I've lost interest in reading, and 1 is one that I had to pick up for school and only read like 12 pages of. I'm planning on taking these guys to a local bookshop and selling them there.

(Where I can obviously get more money to buy more books). Except that's not the point, but that's what I'm going to do.

As of the day I am posting this, I have 63 unread books on my shelves, 55 read books, and 2 books that I am currently reading. 

Now, I won't finish that TBR by 2016. But I do want to have a 75:25 ratio of read:unread books on my shelves by 2016. I would also like to get rid of a few more books, but I will save those for another day.

Are you ready with your pitchforks? Also, did you like this kind of post? Because I might do more of them. Also, when I head off to college, would you like me to show you all the books I'm taking with me? Tell me down below!

Happy Reading!

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