What I'm Currently Reading (+ #TheReadingQuest Update) | August 2017

I used to do these posts all the time on my blog, and I'm one of those people that reads about five books at once. I'm going to try and do this monthly to show what I'm reading in what format and what I think of it so far! I'm thinking I'll post these on the second or third Friday of every month, but *shrug*
As for the Reading Quest, I haven't completed any of the challenges yet because I've been packing everything away for my move back to college and just haven't had the time. But I am reading four books that fit into three of the side-quests. (And I'm almost finished with my first book!)

  • THE GENTLEMAN'S GUIDE TO VICE AND VIRTUE: No one has shut up about this book even since before it released. This fits into the Time Warp challenge since it takes place in the 1700s. I am loving this book. I only have about 120 pages left, so *fingers crossed* hopefully I can finish it today. This book is hilarious and heartbreaking and has a bisexual main character. It's simultaneously a fun romp through Europe while also bringing up very hard and timely issues (e.g. racism, homosexuality, and female roles in the 1700s).
  • WELCOME HOME: I actually started this before the challenge, and it doesn't really fit into any of the challenges. But this is an MG/YA anthology all about adoption that I've been reading a few stories out of each week. I'm really enjoying this, and I've been discovering so many new authors to read.  
  • THE DEVIL IN THE WHITE CITY: This is the nonfiction book that I'm currently reading. This takes place during the construction of the World's Fair in Chicago, all about the main architects and also the serial killer H.H. Holmes. This is my Respawn book, and I'm reading the physical copy this time and really enjoying it. (Can you say that about a book about a serial killer? Well, I am.)
  • PRIDE AND PREJUDICE: Look who is 20 years old and finally reading Jane Austen's most famous work. This is my Open World book. I'm less than 100 pages into this. So far my thoughts: Darcy's an ass and I low-key hate him & Elizabeth is a sassy little shit and I love her. I'm listening to this on audio, but I may have to switch over to a physical copy because I get so distracted while listening to it.


Character Class: Mage
Current Level: 1
Overall EXP: 10
Overall HP: 63

Total Pages Read: 534
Total Pages Remaining: 744

I could be doing better, but I'm not angry or upset with how I'm doing. My reading is definitely going to slow down since I start school next week, so my extreme catch-up during the summer is going to pay off. 

Are you participating in The Reading Quest? How are you doing so far? If not, what are you currently reading? Tell me down in comments!


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