Hiatus Catch-Up | Recently in Reading #3

"Recently in Reading" is a feature on my blog that I created myself, although I did adapt it from the Goodreads Tag and made it into a feature that I could do semi-regularly on my blog!

If you saw my recent post, then you know that I've kind of disappeared from the blogging community the last few months. Part of me missed it, and part of me was relieved to be taking a break. But, now I'm back and I wanted to catch you all up on the things I've been reading and loving during my break!

Y'all, y'all. You need to read this book. You must, must read it. I've written up a brief review on Goodreads, but basically, this is a magical realism book that takes place in an unnamed war-torn country (similar to Pakistan) but in this form of our world, there are these doors that lead to different places around the world. It's the story of two immigrants, Saeed and Nadia, and how they leave and how they adjust to where they wind up.

You know me, always reading too many books at once. This time around, we have an interesting mix. All very different. I'm as confused as you are by this mix. (I think Lara Jean is just so sickly sweet that I needed something murderous. Weird? Probably.)

So there have been a lot of books that have happened upon my eye during my hiatus, but these six are some of the ones I'm most excited for:

  • THE SECRET OF PLATFORM 13: This is not a new book. It's nearly 25 years old, and it's actually very similar to Harry Potter. Platform 13 at King's Cross Station has a secret door underneath that appears only once every nine years. Then there's something about a prince that was moved from one world to the other. Adventures ensue. There's magic and wizards. It sounds great.
  • LOVE, HATE & OTHER FILTERS: This debut releases January 2018 and it's an #OwnVoices story about an Indian-American Muslim girl who is forced to confront Islamophobia when a suicide bomber strikes in America and he happens to have the same last name. People are suddenly looking at her family completely differently, now with much more hatred, much more fear. I needed this yesterday.
  • MIDNIGHT AT THE ELECTRIC: I've never read a Jodi Lynn Anderson book, but I've heard praise through the roof recently about this one. This takes place in three different timelines--2065, 1934, and 1919--and it follows these three ladies and how their lives intertwine.
  • MOXIE: Things that intrigue me: 1) The UK cover. Look how pretty this is. 2) Amy Freakin' Poehler has blurbed this. 3) Girl fights sexist behavior in her high school by starting a feminist zine, inspired by her mother's behavior in the 90's.
  • ARTEMIS: I GOT APPROVED FOR THIS ON NETGALLEY. *deep breath* Anyway, Andy Weir's second book releases November 14th, 2017 and it's basically a heist story that takes place on the moon. I'm super excited.
  • SPEAK EASY, SPEAK LOVE: This is a retelling of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. That's all I need to know. That's all I want to know. It's my favorite Shakespeare play. This releases September 19th, 2017.

  • BLOODLINE: I love Star Wars. I love Leia Organa. I love politics. This is all of the above, and I currently have it out from my library and want to read it ASAP.
  • THE BACKSTAGERS, VOL. 1: Another library book. This is a new comic that Noelle Stevenson has given her stamp of approval. Similar to Lumberjanes, this is a group of boys that have to deal with supernatural shit while working backstage (get it? *nudge nudge*) at their school's theater. This checks all my boxes. So excited.
  • DRESS CODES FOR SMALL TOWNS: This releases August 22nd, but I have an ARC and want to read/review this before it releases. I love Courtney Stevens, and this is supposed to be a wonderful story that follows the queer daughter of a preacher in a small town. I relate to this so much it's not even funny.



So, Emma @ Awkwordly Emma went to the great and terrifying North (that's right, Canada) and got a bunch of lovely things and said she'd send me a surprise in the mail. I could not stop yelling for about ten minutes. It's one of the most beautiful things I own. Who cares if I can't read French? (Also, doesn't it look so wonderful with all my other SOC things? *flails*)

Hopefully nothing. However, I did just order The Underground Railroad from Book Depository to support the Booktube-a-Thon. It'll take like a month to get here, I'm sure. Or get lost.

In an effort not to repeat myself with Exit West, I'm going to pick my new favorite YA book, which is When Dimple Met Rishi. I will link my review here for you to read in full. Additionally, I got to meet Sandhya at a tour stop and she is so lovely and wonderful. It was a joy to meet her in person. (Also, inside tip from the author herself: Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is the movie to watch if you loved Dimple. They are so similar, and it's a fantastic film.)

And that's it! I'm so happy to be back blogging! If you want to see more of the books I bought recently, you can check out my last post here. Also, tell me down in the comments a recent favorite book/bookish thing!

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