Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell | Mini-Review & Gilmore Girls Contrast

The amount of trouble that I went to in order to get a physical copy of this . . . let me tell you.

Living in America, there is no such day as World Book Day--as much as I wish that there was. Naturally, as soon as I heard that Rowell was going to release a story for WBD (which takes place in March), I immediately ordered a copy from Book Depository. Then, Book Depository decides to send some people like 50-100 copies of this book when they ordered 1, thus depleting their stock rather rapidly. 

I wait for about a month to get my copy in the mail. It never comes. 

I contact them and they're all "Well, we have no more in stock, sorry." I wonder why?

Finally, after weeks of stalking the Amazon page, I found a copy for about $2 + shipping, so I just buy it because heaven knows BD won't comply.

Then it arrived and it was glorious, and (you can buy the e-book from Amazon) let me tell you all of my feels. 


Our main character, Elena, is a total Star Wars nerd. It's beautiful. (Except don't ask her about the prequels because reasons.) Being a complete and utter nerd, she decides (for some ungodly reasons that I will never understand) to sit outside the theater for four days prior to the release date of the movie, despite having already purchased her tickets. 

It's the principle of the thing, ya know?

But the thing is, it's December. I mean, it's not December in Wisconsin or Canada, it's--you guessed it!--Omaha, Nebraska. Still, it's December and cold and who in their right mind would sit outside a theater for four days in the middle of December?

Three lovable nerds that's who.

Have you seen Gilmore Girls? Please say yes. For those of you that have, I felt like I was watching a Lane Kim-centric episode (ft. Mrs. Kim, Zach, Gill, and Taylor).

It's basically an episode of Gilmore Girls set in an alternate universe where Zach, Gill, and Lane are all super-big Star Wars fans; Mrs. Kim is slightly less possessive; Taylor manages a movie theater; and Stars Hollow is Omaha, Nebraska.

Saying that, it was of course lovely and quirky and nerdy in Rainbow's usual fashion. It definitely housed Rowell's signature humor that I love and adore. If you're a fan of Rowell, this is a must-read. Elena is a great character, her mom definitely is realistic and protective and great, Troy and Gabe (Gill and Zach, respectively) are great characters with depth and humor and stories.

All around, it was a great read, and in true Rainbow Rowell fashion, you want more of the story after it's ended.


Elena couldn't remember the first time she saw a Star Wars movie . . . in the same way she couldn't remember the first time she saw her parents. Star Wars has just always been there. There was a stuffed Chewbacca in her crib. (page 5)

"I'm a nerd, right? Like obviously. Classic nerd. [. . .] I don't know how to talk to most people. I'm probably going to get a job in computer science. I know those are all stereotypes, but they're also true of me. That's who I am. And the thing about nerd culture being mainstream culture now means that there's no place to just be a nerd among other nerds--without being reminded that you're the nerd." (page 31)

Have you read this yet? Are you going to read it now? If you have read it, did you see the Gilmore Girls or is it just me? (Let's be real, it's probably just me.)


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