Heck Yeah, Harry Potter Haul + Thriftbooks.com Review

Now, I want to preface this haul with this: I have read (and loved and fangirled over and written stories about) Harry Potter. However, my six-and-a-half year older sister was the one that owned the books and "grew up with Harry", so when she moved out two years ago, I was left Harry Potter-less. Obviously, I needed to buy my own collection of the versions that I read. While I did contemplate buying the special edition box-set, this ended up being cheaper.

All of the nitty-gritty details about shipment, prices, quality, and date received are in this google doc.

Now, onto the site review. 

I have used thriftbooks.com for about four years now. I bought all seven, original hardbacks in "Like New" or "Very Good" condition. They all came with dustjackets intact and in practically perfect condition. If you go through my Google doc, you will see that I made six different orders and purchased them over the course of about a month. This was mainly because I only wanted to purchase "Like New" and "Very Good" books with dustjackets because anything less than those and I get a little wary of good quality. 

I did have to place two additional orders with them when I had issues with two of my books. On my second order, I received the wrong edition (I think it was a scholastic school or library binding) of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. They gave me a full refund, and did not make me return the book. (I will probably end up using this book for crafting purposes.) Additionally, my third order never arrived, so I was again given a full refund and ordered another copy at a later date. 

Saying that, thriftbook's customer service is the most phenomenal that I've come across of online booksellers. The service (at least via email) is quick, fast, and consistently fast. After I emailed customer service about PoA, I received a response 10 minutes later, and then I was able to email back and forth with the contact. 

All items -quality wise- were what I ordered. All the books were in fact in "Like New" or "Very Good" condition. I have had a few books in the past that were not up to their standards, but these instances were few and far between. 

Overall, I recommend this site, especially if you are buying books on a budget (which most of us are). Some of the more recent and less stocked items are closer to list price, but this is just because they are more recent releases. Also, they don't always have the most recent releases, but that usually isn't a problem for me. 
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