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April is one of those really cool months with 30 days. After my least favorite holiday in the world, the rest of the month is filled with jamming everything that I was supposed to be doing for school during the past three months into one month where more things than normal are already due.

Some might say that this is not the opportune moment to try and read every day during a single month. Since I'm writing this post, I think it's clear to you all that I disagree. I want to start making reading a part of my everyday life. I want to structure my life more in general, and I think that an acceptable, daily portion of hobbies is far better than a "cram it all into a few days a month" hobby.

Yay for allocating hobbies!

So, my plan is to read something every day in April in an attempt to get my very erratic reading life a little more in line with the hopes that the rest of my life will fall in line behind it. I'll probably do a little update halfway through the month here on my blog. And since I'm addicted to Twitter, I'll be updating that with the #30DaysofReading so you can follow my (fairly) daily updates there if you're really invested in my life.

Have you done this? Do you want to join me?! 
(Please feel free to. I'm going to need the support *laughs nervously*)

My Goals

1. Literally just read anything, even just a short story or a few poems every day.
2. By the end of the month, have a specific time that I read every day. 

Books I'm Thinking of Reading

1. Crooked Kingdom -- haha spoiler: I've already finished this, but it was a goal I'd set before going into this and I just happened to finish it on the first day. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
2. The Upside of Unrequited
3. The Handmaid's Tale
4. Men Explain Things to Me -- this is a short story collection that I started ages ago, so 1) I really want to finish it and 2) it'll be good for days when I don't want to pick up a full-length novel.
5. The Silver Chair & The Last Battle

That's it! If you have any tips for life organization and/or making things a daily habit, definitely leave them for me in the comments!


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