What Book Buying Ban? | Q1 Book Haul

If you don't know me, then you won't know a few key things about me.

  • I don't have an actual bookshelf. I have one piece of my grandmother's old entertainment center (basically a weirdly shaped, Tetris-ed bookshelf) and a bunch of books put into unused drawers of my dresser. Very professional, I know.
  • This year, I really wanted to focus on getting my physical TBR down and getting rid of books that I don't want. Not only do I have nowhere to put more books, I hate looking at all these books that I haven't read.
  • A goal I set for myself at the beginning of the year was to read 5 TBR books before buying one. 
The last thing is the one I'm really struggling with so far. I kind of gave myself the month of January to adjust to this goal. Spoiler: it didn't work. Not only have I bought more TBR books, I've also bought a bunch of books I haven't read. 

Let's get started.

The only two books I've gotten through my BOTM subscription thus far have been:

  •  PERFECT LITTLE WORLD: Not a dystopian, as per usual, but a utopian society. Very intrigued by this one.
  • THE ANIMATORS: Female! Animator! Friends! Literally, I'm so here for all of that. 

  • FAKING NORMAL: Hi, hello, if you're new here, Courtney C. Stevens is one of my new favorite authors/humans/ethereal beings ever. She's such a ball of pure goodness, and this book is fantastic. Please pick it up. (trigger warning for rape and self-harm)
(not pictured, but nonetheless have been purchased):
  • THE EXILED QUEEN: I bought this because I had a gift card and I haven't even read the first book in this series. I'm ashamed.
  • MORE HAPPY THAN NOT: Adam's a great human, and I needed to buy this (with said gift card) so that I could get him to sign it. That's all. I haven't read it. The paperback has a killer cover. 

  • MAUS III: I read these a couple years ago when I very first started blogging, and when I traded in a bunch of books recently at my used bookstore, I saw these and had to pick them up. Fantastic and important story. 
  • HOGWARTS LIBRARY: I have absolutely no justification for this nonsense. I already have copies of these. I have no need of these. But they were so pretty!
  • RADIO SILENCE: Again, if you're new here, you probably don't know about my absolute adoration of this book. Either way, you should pick it up because it has an incredibly diverse cast. The MC is biracial and bisexual, one of the side characters is demisexual, another is Asian and gay, another is lesbian. So! Much! Diversity!
  • THE ARCHIVED: I was actually gifted this book and Radio Silence through a group of bookish ladies I absolutely adore through TGTRAT. I'm so happy to have gotten this, as I absolutely adore Schwab, and I got to get this one signed at her ACOL release! (spoiler, oops)
  • HIDDEN FIGURES: I was at Target. I was weak. This was on sale. I'd just seen the movie, and I need to know more about these women.
  • DRESS CODES FOR SMALL TOWNS: After meeting Courtney at SEYA, I sent her an email asking if I could possibly get an early copy of this to review and she said yes. (I mean, clearly.) But she described this as a gender-fluid Footloose. I'm pumped. 
  • THE HANDMAID'S TALE: I made a trip to Barnes & Noble? This actually was a "read 5 before you buy" pick, so I'm not angry at myself for getting this one. I've wanted to read it for ages, but just never had my own copy. Now I do, and I'm reading it right now!
  • MY STRUGGLE #1: Okay, stay with me, Jess was reading book 2 of this in the Gilmore Girls revival, so I needed to buy this and read it? I literally paid full price for this at Barnes. Who am I?
  • THE DEVIL IN THE WHITE CITY: I've meant to read this book for nearly half a decade now. It's embarrassing. 
  • THE BLINDING KNIFE: I haven't read book one, but this was at my local used bookstore. I don't know why I bought it, but I did. 

  • A TALE OF TWO CITIES & GREAT EXPECTATIONS: I read both of these in high school, and honestly, they're some of my favorite books. I've never had a copy of Great Expectations, and all copies of ATOTC are horribly ugly. Except for this one.
  • A CONJURING OF LIGHT: I LOVED THIS. Read this series ASAP if you somehow haven't done that already.
  • THE FEMALE OF THE SPECIES: My friend Trina loves Mindy McGinnis. She's read everything out by her so far, and I really want to get into her books. This is about a girl who's sister got sexually assaulted (and maybe murdered? idk) and now is going to get her revenge. I've only heard great things.
  • HISTORY IS ALL YOU LEFT ME: Again, Adam is a great human, and this book is depressing as hell.
  • WOLF BY WOLF: Alternate history WWII where a girl wants to kill Hitler ft. shapeshifting? I'm there. 
  • HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: Again, I didn't need this, but I wanted to reread this book (because I don't think I ever have) and have a second copy that I could write in and mark up. It was a great decision. 
  • A POEM FOR EVERY NIGHT OF THE YEAR: This has been a great addition to my collection. Having a constant source of poems by my bed is the best and most relaxing decisions I've ever made. 
Woweewow. If you got through that, *hands you a cookie*, congrats and thank you. Thoughts? Comments? Convince me to stop buying books? Assist me in comments.

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