Required Nerdy Shows: 10 Favorites That Make Me Geek-Out (And You Need to Watch ASAP)

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There was no possible way for me to put these in any kind of order. None. (Although, there are some honorable mentions at the end because I couldn't just pick 10 TV shows.)

How I found this show: On tumblr, the fancast for Rowena Ravenclaw is Katie McGraith (Morgana), so one day--out of curiosity--I went down an internet hole and figured out that she was in this show. Months later, I had just finished Parks & Rec and was scrolling through Hulu (procrastinating, as usual) and found this gem. I watched the first three seasons in a couple of weeks, and then took a break and watched the last two seasons this summer.

I could go on for years talking about this show. It's not perfect, and it has that "recurring bad character" trope that the protagonist refuses to kill in the last few season and that does get a bit old; however, I absolutely love shows and books and movies that are set in this time period. Give me a bunch of dudes riding around on horses in chainmail and armor, kings with crowns and capes, and women in beautiful dresses over the average plebeians any day.

(Although, I will be the first to admit that I still haven't watched the final two episode because I don't want it to be over.)

Anything that plays with Arthurian legends, has magic, and dragons (!!!) is 100% for me.

FAVORITE CHARACTERS: Guinevere, Gaius, The Great Dragon, Gwaine, Lancelot
LEAST FAVORITE CHARACTERS: Uther Pendragon, Morgause

In an attempt to hide from my scrooge-like family on Christmas Eve a few years ago, I hid away in the sunroom and turned on the TV, flipped through until I found BBCA and stopped because "Let's Kill Hitler" is an eye-catching episode title. I was immediately entranced (albeit incredibly confused) and watched the next episode that they aired, which was one of the specials with James Corden. I didn't really know who James Corden was, but I loved him. I was still very confused.

That evening, with a newly acquired VISA gift card, I bought my very first Netflix subscription and proceeded to watch and rewatch this show for the next few months. I became obsessed. I genuinely remember my mom walking in on me watching this show and saying "Really? Since when did you like this show?" She knew that there was no going back and that I was lost.

At least I wasn't doing drugs, mom.

FAVORITE COMPANIONS: Donna, Amy and Rory (I love their storyline), River, Jack Harkness

Basically everything on this list is a show where you have to watch from beginning to end without skipping or you miss things. However, everyone needs that one show that you can just pick up whenever you're feeling tired of extended character arcs. While I definitely don't keep up with this show now (because Derek is gone *cry face emoji*), I will watch reruns of this show until I die because I love Spencer Reid and I find serial killers extremely fascinating. (I feel like this says bad things about me.)

This show has been my newest obsession. I watched the first three seasons in four days over the summer because each season only has 10 episodes, so it's completely doable.

Long story short: Tatiana Masley is a goddess of acting. She plays all of her clones, who are all very different, and I want to be as skilled as her at any skill. Anything. She's fantastic. Please go binge it.

I've been obsessed with this show since it premiered when I was in high school. I went through a phase when I didn't watch it for about a year after the mid-season finale for season 2 or 3, but then I came back full force and haven't let go.

This was a mini-series on Hulu that aired this past spring, and despite the fact that James Franco is the lead, it's actually amazing. It's a show based on a Stephen King novel about a man who goes back in time in order to prevent the assassination of JFK (hence the title, 11.22.63). The element of time travel is done extremely well, and I think that it also digs deep into these characters and their relationships with each other, despite the short amount of time with them.

This is a wonderful show, and you should definitely use that free trial to watch this.

I don't know what more I need to say about this show other than the fact that Dame Maggie Smith stars in it. Naturally, she's amazing, and if you think a show about a rich, snobby family in the 1920s wouldn't be interesting, you are very wrong.

There are only two seasons of this show because ABC decided to cancel it. However, the two seasons that we do get are fantastic. Hayley Atwell is a fantastic actress, and the humor that Dominic Cooper (Howard Stark) brings to this show is absolutely beautiful. We also get to see Jarvis as a real human and not a red, flying one with a built-in cape. Clearly, this is set in the 1950's after the end of Captain America: The First Avenger.

I love Peggy. I miss Peggy. Give me more Peggy.

This show is absoulte trash. Believe me, I know.

This show has gone 4 seasons past it's prime, but do I still religiously watch this show and cry during every episode. Yes, I do.

If you haven't heard of this show by now, I don't know what bunker you've been living in for 12 years, but this is a very unrealistic show about surgeons in an imaginary hospital in Seattle, WA.

Again, if you have somehow not heard of this show, I would be baffled. Even before I binged this show this past spring, I'd been aware of it's existence for at least 3 or 4 years (or more, who knows?) because my sister really liked this show when it was on air.

Also, I am super hype for the revival. (I haven't watched S7; however, I have looked up episode summaries and know everything that happens.) If she doesn't end up with Jess, I'm going to riot.

Honorable Mentions

Because I love TV way too much to just pick 10 favorites.

What's your favorite of these? What's one that I need to watch ASAP or I might die?


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