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Nearly everything is a series these days. There are the few standalones that, well, stand alone on the shelves, but most books are grouped into two or more books. And I love series. I love getting more time with characters and more books and more depth. More more more!

So, this week on my blog, I'm deeming it "series week" wherein I round up all of my unfinished series, all the series I've abandoned, and a handful of series that I want to start in the new year! One of my new year resolutions (spoiler alert) is to cut down the amount of series that I'm in the middle of or am not caught up on!

Welcome to DAY ONE: Unfinished Series
(note: this will only include series that I am not up to date on, so ongoing series where I have read all the currently published works will not be included)

Read: The Bone Season
Unread: The Mime Order  

I absolutely adored the first book in this series when I read it. So much so that I preordered the second book when it released in early 2015. I've read the first bit of this twice now, but the last time that I tried was--I believe--in mid-to-late 2015. Safe to say, I remember next to nothing from the sequel. And the third book in this series is coming out in 2017, so I need to get to this soon!

 Read: Shadow and Bone
Unread: Siege and Storm, Ruin and Rising

Read: Six of Crows
Unread: Crooked Kingdom

I have no excuses with this one. Absolutely none. I've had the Grisha trilogy since last December (thanks, Rachel!) and I won an ARC of Six of Crows in August of 2015. Ugh. I actually hate myself a little for this one because it's one that I really want to finish, but just haven't. Those are the worst. 

Read: Castle in the Air
Unread: House of Many Ways

Howl's Moving Castle was one of the most delightful and refreshing books that I read this year. I'm hoping the rest of the series continues that trend. I know absolutely nothing about the rest of this series. I don't even know if it follows all the same characters from the first book, but I do hope so because I want more of all of them.

Read: Illuminae
Unread: Gemina

The first book in this series was on my favorites list last year, so I think I just needed to let the hype and my own personal anticipation of this book to die down a bit before I read on with this series. Maybe I'll read it closer to the release of the third? I'm not sure when in 2017 this one will be read, but I do know for certain that it will be read in the coming year!

Read: A Darker Shade of Magic
Unread: A Gathering of Shadows

It's completely possible that when this goes life, I may have already finished A Gathering of Shadows because I am listening to the audiobook as I am typing this. Either way, this series is absolutely fantastic. I love the characters and the story and the world and the writing. Just, everything. Also, if everything goes to plan, I will be attending the launch for A Conjuring of Light in February in Nashville. The book is already preordered, so let's hope so. *nervous laughter*

Read: The Magician's Nephew; The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
Unread: The Horse and His Boy, Prince Caspian, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Silver Chair, The Last Battle

I don't really know how to start off with this one. I mean, it's one of those things that I'm embarrassed I haven't read? I've read the first and second books countless times in an attempt to continue on with the rest of the series, but everytime that I get to The Horse and His Boy I just completely lose interest because why would I want to read an entire book before I get back to reading about the Pevensie kids?

I've also partially read both Prince Caspian and Voyage of the Dawn Treader when I was in middle school and those second and third movies were coming out, but they were just so similar to the movie that I didn't want to bother.

However, this one is already being rectified because I've already started rereading books one and two. (I might already be on book three by the time this goes up!) I will finish this series in 2017! I will! *slams fist against books* *apologizes profusely*

Read: Girl Online
Unread: Girl Online: On Tour, Girl Online: Going Solo

Not entirely sure why I haven't completely given up on this series yet. I think it's partly that I like Zoe's videos and personality and part that I payed full price for the second book so there's no way I'm giving it away without having at least attempted to have read it. 

Is that enough of a reason to make myself suffer? Not sure, but probably not. Am I going to do it anyway? Probably so.

Read: Outlander
Unread: Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager, Drums of Autumn, The Fiery Cross, A Breath of Snow and Ashes, An Echo in the Bone, Written in My Own Heart's Blood

Will I ever actually finish this series? Realistically, no. In my deluded "I can read all the books in the universe" mind, absolutely! 

These are books that I really have to be in the right mood to read. Meaning that I can't be too critical or cynical and need to have a lot of time to devote to them. So, essentially, I may never actually pick up the second book.

Read: These Broken Stars
Unread: This Shattered World, Their Fractured Light

I wasn't expecting to like the first book in this series, but I did. I mean, listen, if you know me then you know that I think space is the most frightening thing in the universe (ha, get it?) and that I despise survival stories above all else. Those two mixed together make These Broken Stars. However, Amie and Jay (Illuminae) were coming to my town on their Gemina tour, and I didn't want my encounter with them to go like this:
Me: Hi Jay! Hi Amie!
Jay and Amie: Hi, thanks for stopping by tonight!
Me: Oh, please. *blushes* I'm a huge fan of your work. *brings out literally every book Jay has ever written* *hands Amie Illuminae and Gemina* *hides in the corner of the store*
Yeah, I wanted to read at least something else of Amie's before meeting her because, in all honesty, I would have felt suuuppeeer guilty. So I read it and really enjoyed it? Now I want to read the rest of this series.

Have I been converted? Stay tuned...

Read: The Cuckoo's Calling
Unread: The Silkworm, Career of Evil

I mean, it's J.K. Rowling. Does this really need excessive explanation? If it does, then here we go. I really liked the first book. I enjoy Cormoran (I genuinely called him Cameron without meaning to for the entirely of the first book) and Robin. I think the second one just got a bit too weird for me? I normally thrive in the weird and strange, but this was kind of a gross weird. Maybe distance has done me some good.

Are you in the middle of any of these series? Have you finished them? Are you excited for series week? (Hint: the answer is yes!) Tell me down in the comments!

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