176. The Bone Season

The Bone Season - Samantha Shannon

Started: Monday - 1 December 2014
Finished: Sunday - 7 December 2014

In short, I adored this book and stayed up quite late the past few nights because I just couldn't keep my hands off of it. In the midst of studying for midterms and Christmas shopping chaos, this book was my wonderful little escape. This book is almost 500 pages and technically an adult novel, but it reads like Young-Adult in the sense that it is a fast paced plot, but the characters are very not-YA and it lacks the angst that YA most always brings to the bookshelf.

This novel is part urban fantasy, part futuristic, and part supernatural. The novel takes place in 2059 and follows 19 year old Paige Mahoney. She lives in Scion London -Scion being the governmental security that desires to rid their cities of the "unnaturals" or "clairvoyants" aka the people like Paige. Paige is a dreamwalker, which basically means that she can walk in other peoples' minds (how cool, right!?). This specific type of clairvoyance is super rare, but Paige just being alive is illegal. Because Paige's power is so rare, she works with an underground groups as part of the Seven Seals.

The one drawback with the novel is that the terminology used is hard to understand at the beginning, but Samantha Shannon has you back. She knows you don't understand it, so she intricately weaves in the understanding throughout the novel in a way that doesn't make it seem like you're learning anything new. However, while some people found this not-understanding rather frustrating, I found it really intriguing. I was able to really delve into this alternate-London that Shannon so delicately pulled together.

(Also, I feel like I need to address the ending of this novel in a very spoiler-free way, so here goes. I loved it because I think it was the most realistic ending for the characters Shannon created, and I think the ending remains true to their characters. Also, when I finished this book, I just hugged it for a really long time because I love it, and it has rightfully earned it's place on my favorites shelf.)

goodreads - 5/5
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