175. Paper Towns

Paper Towns - John Green

Who are you? Do you open yourself like a book to the world, or do you tend to keep your pages to yourself? Do you have multiple faces that you where depending on where you are and who you're around?

Meet Margo Roth Spiegelman. Even though this story is from Quentin Jacobsen's point of view, this story is very much about Margo, about finding Margo and who Margo is.

Quentin Jacobsen, affectionately dubbed Q, is a senior in a high school in Orlando, Florida. Q isn't the coolest kid at school, but he doesn't sit alone at lunch or hate people or anything. The only thing he hates is prom. Until they were nine, he and Margo were best friends. Since then, they have grown into completely separate circles at school -Margo is a "cool kid" while Q hangs out with the band kids despite not being in band- and completely separate lives -despite being next door neighbors.

I loved this book immensely because I was really able to connect with these characters -not being a cool kid, thirsting to leave, thirsting for adventure, confused about life, being a senior and making decisions. However, I think people older will also really connect to Q and his friends -Radar and Ben- by being able to look back on their years in high school.

I honestly don't want to give you too much information about this book because I really think you don't need to know too much before going into it. What I will tell you is to not judge the book by it's author. That's new, right? I hated The Fault in Our Stars, and but I really liked Looking For Alaska, so when this one was $5 at Target, I picked it up.


"That's always seemed so ridiculous to me, that people would want to be around someone because they're pretty. It's like picking your breakfast cereals based on color instead of taste." -Margo

"When you say nasty things about people, you should never say the true ones, because you can't really fully and honestly take those back, you know?" -Margo

"It's more impressive . . . from a distance, I mean. You can't see the wear on things, you know? You can't see the rust or the weeds or the paint cracking." -Q

It all struck me as so lonely and so very unMargo . . . Margo was herself -at least part of the time- very unMargo. -Q

"You know your problem, Quentin? You keep expecting people not to be themselves." -Radar

The town was paper, but the memories were not. -Q

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