This Had Better Come to a Stop | Q3 Book Haul

*snaps* Someone stop me from buying books. 

This is getting absolutely ridiculous. If there are more than ten books in my Q4 book haul, I'm going on stricter book buying ban in the new year.

  • THE GENTLEMAN'S GUIDE TO VICE AND VIRTUE: 5 STARS - One of my absolute favorite books of the year. 
  • DRESS CODES FOR SMALL TOWNS: Another absolute favorite that I gave 5 stars! I'm in love with Courtney's books, and I'm so looking forward to all her future releases. 
  • BEFORE SHE IGNITES: I got this in the September Owlcrate. I'm so, so excited to read this because dragons. Need I say more?
  • THE HATE U GIVE: Everyone has read this but me, and when I go to Target, I have no self-control.
  • THE RING & THE CROWN: This is one that I don't know much about, but it's written by a Hispanic author and I don't want to know much more.
  • HOMEGOING: Everyone loves this book, and this beautiful UK edition was only a few dollars at my local used bookstore so I snagged it (while in the checkout line). 
  • THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD: Your girl couldn't say no to the BooktubeAThon discount and the book that won the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. 
  • LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE: My BOTM pick for September. Literally, everyone and their mother and Reece Witherspoon and Seth Meyers is talking about this book. I want to read it so badly.

  • CAREER OF EVIL: This is the perfect example of "Monica buys the newest book in a series she hasn't read the previous release of" but I bought it because it was only about five dollars in the bargain section of B&N.
  • OUR DARK DUET: I don't regret buying this, but I was definitely let down by this release. This was nowhere near the caliber of the first book, and overall it was a very disappointing finale.
  • AMERICAN FIRE: This was one of my BOTM picks of the summer (the other is ↓) and, while I haven't read this one yet, it still sounds so interesting. This is a true crime story that about a series of arsons in Accomack County, Virginia. But the firefighters didn't put out the burning abandoned buildings and the police stopped searching for a culprit, so vigilante groups pop up in this rural area. It sounds fascinating, and I love true crime.
  • FINAL GIRLS: (Not pictured; I've never unhauled a book this quickly.) *extended groan* It was okay, but for a thriller, I was neither thrilled nor surprised by the ending.
  • LANGUAGE OF THORNS: I got to go to the launch for this in Nashville. It was lovely and wonderful. We got the announcement of her new book Monday night and we got free ice cream. (And I got a hug because there's nothing like a little cry with your favorite author about Crooked Kingdom.)
  • SIX OF CROWS (French Edition): Emma @ Awkwordly Emma is the actual best because when she went to Canada this summer, she got me this absolutely lovely present because she knows how much I love this book and remembers my flailing over these gorgeous editions.

  • THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER: I read this when I was a small and awkward high school kid. It was one of the first books I ever read when I started this blog and one of the very first "reviews" I ever wrote, but I've never owned my own copy until I snagged this from my used bookstore. I want to reread this ASAP.
  • FULL DARK, NO STARS: This is a bind-up of novellas by Stephen King that I want to read during Spookathon this year. (And there's a movie of 1922, one of the novellas, releasing on Netflix soon!)
  • STUDY TRILOGY (I, II, III): Unlike most people, I've never read this series, but I impulse bought all three in one go when I saw them all sitting together in my used bookstore. What is wrong with me?
  • MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS: Another book with a movie releasing soon! I'm a little more nervous for this one (*cough* Johnny Depp *cough*) but I need to read this before seeing the movie.
  • WILD BEAUTY: I got an arc of this from a giveaway but have yet to read it because I am the actual worst.
  • LION, originally published as A LONG WAY HOME: Now, I've already seen the movie for this one (it's fantastic, by the way; Dev Patel is a gem) but I'm really getting into nonfiction, so I grabbed this one when I saw it for 75 cents.
  • BRAIN ON FIRE: Another nonfiction that I grabbed for under a dollar because I see people talking about it constantly and need to read it.


I recently finished this series for the first time this year. I'd read some of the earlier books when I was younger, but never really got into the series. I bought this horrible bind-up with all seven books a few years back, but it was so heavy and the words were tiny and altogether impossible to read. I've been on the hunt for good editions for a while and collected the whole series of full-color collector's editions secondhand through my used bookstore.

Whew. That's all of them. But seriously, I need to go on a book buying ban. But in the new year. Have you read any of these? Which ones should I read first? Let me know down in comments!


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