January Wrap-Up + February TBR | 2017

January was almost a complete month of rereads. I needed to clean my slate after a very messy reading year in 2016. Also, my February TBR is ridiculous for a month that only has 28 days.

Wrap Up

  • THE MAGICIAN'S NEPHEW (#1): This was a reread for me. I really love how Lewis crafts the creation of this world. I want to finally finish this series this year, so I wanted to reread the first two in preparation for that. 4 STARS
  • HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE (#1): I mean, duh, I've obviously read this before. I hadn't read the illustrated edition with all of Jim Kay's beautiful illustrations, so I needed to do that. 5 STARS
  • AFTER THE FALL: I wasn't the biggest fan of this book. I think it talks about important topics, and it has some nice humor. However, this book felt all over the place for me. It didn't seem to have a purpose or a point but rather about 12 points it was trying to make all at once. If you want a full review, click the title to go to my Goodreads review. 1.5 STARS
  • THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE (#2) : This is one of my all-time favorite books. Need I say more? 5 STARS
  • MARCH, BOOK ONE: This was amazing. I highly recommend this one. This is part one of a trilogy of Maus-style comics about John Lewis's involvement with the Civil Rights movement in the southern US; this first volume mainly takes place in Nashville when Lewis was a college student. 5 STARS
  • PAPER PRINCESS: uGH. This book was really frustrating. There's genuinely no way that I can summarize my feelings, so if you want to know my full thoughts, click the title to go to my Goodreads review. I'm going to read the second book, but I hate myself for it. 2 STARS

February TBR

  • CROOKED KINGDOM: I've had this book since the release. I'm just going to keep putting it on TBRs until I finish it. Hopefully (*knocks on wood*) this will be the last one.
  • THIS SAVAGE SONG: I snagged this audiobook from my library's overdrive. I've already started it, and--naturally--I'm in love.
  • GEMINA: Again, another audiobook that I snagged. (And, again, another book I've had since it's release.) I'm a good chunk of the way through this. Hopefully, I'll finish it ASAP.
  • LUMBERJANES, VOL. 4: Lumberjanes is one of my all-time favorite comics. I'm more surprised that I haven't already read this.

  • WONDER WOMAN, VOL 2 & 3: A couple months ago, I discovered my love of Wonder Woman. She is brilliant and strong, and I'm a little bitter that I wasn't introduced to her as a child. 
  • CIVIL WAR: Despite my newfound love of Wonder Woman, I'm a Marvel girl through and through. I think I've developed enough of an understanding of the MU and the characters to finally read this one.
  • GOLDIE VANCE, VOL. 1: BOOM! Box is my favorite comic publisher. (They publish Giant Days and Lumberjanes, two of my favorites.) I've loved everything I've read from them. A couple months ago, the first volume in a new series was published. I just got approved to review this book on Netgalley, so I'm going to finish it ASAP. (It's almost like Nancy Drew, but with a kick-ass WOC main character.)

  • THE PRINCESS DIARIST: I never got into Star Wars in my more formative years. In fact, the first one that I ever watched was The Force Awakens when it came out last Christmas. I didn't really get obsessed until after Carrie Fisher died in December. 
  • HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS (#2): I need to read this illustrated edition as well. I don't need to explain myself.
What was your favorite book of January? What book are you hoping to read this month? Have you read any of the books I've mentioned? Let me know down in comments!


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