Shelved Series to Start in 2017

Hello! Welcome to the third and final day of Series Week here on Tomes Project!

I am exhausted. So many graphics have been born for this. It needs to be a while before I make another.

These are not all but most of the series that have been sitting around unstarted and untouched on my shelves for too long. Too long, I say! Hopefully, I can correct this in the new year. Realistically, I know I won't start and finish all of these series, but as long as I take out a fair chunk, I think I'll be pleased. 

Let's get started!

This is probably the thing I deem "most shameful" in my reading life. I also have never seen the movies. I FEEL ASHAMED. *hides behind my massive piles of books* I did just get new non-mass-market-paperback editions of this with non-hideous covers, so I can actually make myself read them.

Is that shallow? That's shallow.

I actually started the first book earlier in 2016, but didn't get very far in so I'm not counting it. But it's a fantasy series about dragons. I seriously don't know how I haven't read it sooner.

Monsters are not my #1 reading topic, I will admit. However, I am absolute trash for Victoria Schwab's writing. She is a master of words and characters and plot. I will read everything she writes. This story is uniquely interesting to me because it has so much inspiration drawn from the real world. If our actions had direct, physical consequences (in this case, actual monsters) what would happen? It's genius, I tell you, genius.

I've heard great things about this series. I know next to nothing about this series. Nope, scratch that. I know nothing about this series other than that it's a fantasy series. That's literally it. Cinda Williams Chima is slated to come to SEYA in March, which is a book festival in Tennessee, and I own the first book. If I can finish the first book before then, I will be immensely happy.

I actually own this entire trilogy. It's ridiculous, believe me, I understand. Nevertheless, this is another scarily-beloved fantasy series that is comprised of absolutely massive books. 
Ugh. Why am I so weak-willed?

One of my favorite genres--yet least read of 2016--is historical fiction. I really like history; I was raised by a history buff, and I grew up learning about history and going to historical places all around the United States. Essentially, it runs in my blood. It's just hard for me to find one that I know I'll like.

And I know that I will like this because I am a Spanish major in school; I've spent a lot of time studying mainly South America (whereas this book takes place in Spain) and the language in general. As this is a translated piece of fiction, I have no excuses as to why I haven't read this yet.

Can you sense the theme that these are books that everyone loves but I've put off reading because I have an incredible fear of being that one person who hates a book? It's stupid, I know, but that's just me, okay? 

This story supposedly has a ton of political intrigue, which speaks to me on a spiritual level because I am endlessly fascinated by politics. I know, I'm a dork. I've also heard that the romance is great and that the protagonist is more of a wits-over-brawn kind of girl, which again speaks to me on a spiritual level.

Remember all the talk of political intrigue? This series has that too, except it's more adult-oriented. So, The Winner's trilogy can be my appetizer before the main course.

This is an adult fiction series that I have herd zero bad things about. Genuinely. Mari @ mynameismarines is running a readalong for book one in this series in January. I was actually planning on starting this in December (and still might). I have books one and two on my shelves because I've heard they're highly addictive.

What series are you wanting to start in the new year? I really want to know so that I can add more books to my TBR pile. *nervous laughter* *fades into my bookshelves*

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