High Five! - March 2015

"High Five!" is a meme that I want to do every month or every couple of months, listing five of my most favorite bookish things. The categories won't always be the same, but sometimes they will. It just depends on what I've been loving the past month(s). I got this idea from the host of the Love-A-Thon: Alexa.

Book: The Book Thief

I am currently reading this book for my modern literature course. So far, I absolutely love it, and I am super intrigued. The writing is beautiful. Be on the lookout for a review when I finish it!

Genre: YA Science Fiction 

In March, three of the seven books I read were YA science fiction. Non of these were amazing literary finds, but I will say that all three of these books were a really fun time. None of them were absolutely amazing, but I definitely recommend them if they interest you!

Bookish Item: Craft'ed 

Bottom line: I will never use any other bookmarks. Ever. You should check out their etsy shop.

Blogger: Bursting Books
This blogger is super, super sweet, and her blog posts are awesome! We read a lot of the same books, and we have similar book interests. I just love her, and you should too.

Book Adaptation: THE 100

Look at my ship. Look at Bellarke. Aren't they perfect? They're perfect.

Honorable Mention:
"Love Me Like You Do" - Ellie Goulding

This kind of has to do with books. Right? I'm saying yes. The majority of the music I have listened to this month has been this song. It's addictive. Very addictive.

What have been your favorite things this past month? Tell me down in the comments!
Happy Reading!

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